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Newly released Tiki Mugs from Tiki Farm

Posted by Tiki Farm on 9/22/2016
Newly released Tiki Mugs from Tiki Farm

We’ve got a brand new premier collaboration out now as well as our second collaboration with an old friend!  We’re coming at you 1 if by land and 2 if by sea on our newest mugs folks!  Okay… Here goes!


Originating from the deepest, darkest nooks and crannies of the Great Barrier Reef is our brand new “Hau’Oli Na Maka” Angler fish mug.  This is our first collaboration with celebrated Australian born artist and mug maker Danielle Mann, the creator and driving force of Australia based Black Lagoon Designs.  She created this wonderful design shown here and it is being manufactured by your friends here at Tiki Farm!


Clever gal that Danielle, she opted to transform the Angler’s lure into a braided rope covered glass floater!  A nice “Tiki” touch indeed.  Now, Tiki isn’t something new to Danielle and her love of all things Tiki and Tribal goes back to her childhood, with the walls of her home covered in tribal, Papua New Guinea art that her father had amassed during his time living in Papua New Guinea before Danielle was born. 

Pictured to the right is the lovely Danielle Mann after a successful day out fishing, havin' reeled in some freshly caught Hau'Oli Na Maka's... they make for good eatin' (if cooked by a trained professional in such matters) but make for even better imbibin' as your new mug of choice!


We used a brand new, highly reactive glaze for this particular design, resulting in a multitude of color variations.  Essentially, the glaze color family is in what we’re calling “Electric Blue” and “Stoney Teal”.


Our Hau ‘Oli Na Maka mug measures 6 ½” in overall length, 4 ½” in height and has a sizable 22 fluid ounce capacity.  Get the Angler for $21.95 each.

Next up is our second collaboration with celebrated Japanese Tiki artist Mookie Sato!  We’ve known Mookie for a long time and have always admired his artistic contributions to the Tiki, Polynesian Pop and Mid-Century Modern art movements.  You might remember Mookie’s beautiful “U’I Lani” Tiki mugs.  They were vastly popular and are now retired and sold-out.  


This time around, Mookie brings us a great volcano inspired, wraparound scenic design glazed in a “retro tangerine” primary glaze with a washed scenic foreground.  “Volcano Village” is a proud edition to our ever growing line of Tiki Farm mugs!  Don’t let Volcano Village be retired and sell-out… get yours now!

Volcano Village measures 4 ½” in height and has a 15 fluid ounce capacity.  Retail pricing on Volcano Village is $19.95 each.