Dinner at Trader Vic's at the LA LIVE


Last week me and my wife Mary were down in Los Angeles and I wanted to hit some of the TIKI related places. On Friday night we went to the Trader Vic's restaurant at the LA Live Complex.  If you are not familiar with LA Live, it is a entire entertainment venue that includes movie theater, restaurants, hotels, and the Nokia Center. [caption id="attachment_51" align="aligncenter" width="170" caption="Trader Vic LOGO"]Trader Vic Los Angeles[/caption] After watching a movie we made the short walk down to Trader Vic's.   The front of the restaurant looks very modern to match the rest of the businesses around it.  Once inside it looks very much the TIKI or polynesian you would expect. [caption id="attachment_52" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Trader Vic's"]Trader Vic's, Tiki, Polynesian[/caption] We started out with the Crab Rangoon appetizer which was pretty usual and nothing special.  It was the typical Rangoon you find at most Chinese restaurant.  Stupid me, I forgot how hot the internal temp of these things.    Wow....did I torch the inside of my mouth. My wife started out with the "Beef and Reef Teriyaki" which she said was very delicious.  I normally know when it is good as she will not share with me.  It had this really tender beef tenderloin and large chunks of lobster with a side of rice.  I had the "MISO Sea Bass" and it was good but I am a big eater and it just was not enough to fill me up.   The Sea Bass was cooked perfectly and looked like a very upscale dinner.   It was a small portion on a large plate with sauce decoration.  It was good but left me wanting more. [caption id="attachment_53" align="aligncenter" width="612" caption="Trader Vic's Los Angeles Tiki Mug"]Trader Vic, Tiki Mug, Tiki, Mai Tai[/caption] Here is a pic of the Tiki Mug that you get when you order a drink.  This Tiki Mug is made especially for Trader Vic's Los Angeles by TIKI FARM.   The drink came with a flaming lime and was good.  Of course this mug is going into the collection.  This one is not getting sold. I have to say overall the experience was very good and I will go back when I am in the LA area again.   I really like the decor and adding to my collection is always cool. MAHALO!

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