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New TIki Event called Taboo! It will be in Palm Springs October 5th-7th 2012

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Our buddy Rory" Wildsville Man " Snyder is planning a new event in Palm Springs. The event will take place October 5th to 7th at the Royal Sun Motel. Update and News to follow about this brand new event. If it is anything like Tiki Caliente, it should be a great time. Be sure Mahalo Tiki will be there with our Tiki Mugs and other collectibles.

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Tiki Caliente 4 event Video!

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Check out this YouTube video from Tiki Caliente 4. We had a lot of fun and it was great seeing someone make a video of the event. Check it out for yourself and I hope to see you at next years event.

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Mahalo Tiki is on FACEBOOK!

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Don't forget to come to our brand new Facebook page! We even installed a shop in our page so that you can buy mugs directly from our Mahalo TIki Facebook page. [caption id="attachment_176" align="aligncenter" width="849" caption="The Mahalo Tiki Facebook Page"][/caption] So click here to be take to our  FACEBOOK PAGE!  

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New Tiki mug by Wendy Cevola

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I have to say Wendy Cevola is one of my favorite Tiki Mug artists.   I have the pleasure of living fairly close by her and I am fortunate to have been able to buy some of her mugs. I own a couple of her BOB Tiki mugs and a few other pieces. I had to post up this new mug she is working on for Tavarua Tiki from the Tiki Central board. This mug is going to look absolutely fantastic. You can follow the progress of Wendy making this and all of her fine pieces of art on Tiki Central....

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Tiki Caliente 3 and 4 Tiki Mugs Available now in our Ebay store!

Hawaiian Tiki Mug Palm Springs Rory Snyder tiki Tiki Caliente Tiki Farm Tiki Mug Tiki Mugs

If you did not get to come out to Palm Springs and enjoy some fine cocktails with the rest of us. Here is your chance to own a Official Tiki Caliente 4 Tiki mug. I have a few of the Brown Glaze mugs. The brown glaze was only available to on ground guest only! Mahalo Tiki and Rory are the only ones with the Brown glaze CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE EBAY LISTING FOR THE TIKI CALIENTE 4 TIKI MUG Rory was so awesome to set me up with the very last of his Tiki Caliente 3 Tiki mugs....

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