Cool Tiki Chocolate Moai's by my Daughter


My daughter has a interest in baking and candy making.  We are even going to a culinary school open house for her this weekend. So I purchased a common ice mold off ebay and told her to give candy making a try. I would say for the first try with this mold it came out pretty good. Then I had to do some more colors. [caption id="attachment_184" align="alignleft" width="429" caption="Colorful TIki Candy"][/caption]                             She had some air bubbles in them but they came out pretty good.  She is going to keep working with it and I am sure she will get it down.   You never know if making Tiki candy may be a new product line of ours.  Maybe we can do custom colors Tiki Candy for weddings and special events. Oh...  Yes!  These MOAI were pretty TASTY!

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