Mahalo Tiki

Tiki Bar in space! Well not really but a TIKI BAR Rocket!

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Here is a video I saw on Youtube that is really cool. These people take a TIKI BAR and made it into a rocket I say it flew pretty well!  Maybe I should try this at the next Tiki event.

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Cool Tiki Chocolate Moai's by my Daughter


My daughter has a interest in baking and candy making.  We are even going to a culinary school open house for her this weekend. So I purchased a common ice mold off ebay and told her to give candy making a try. I would say for the first try with this mold it came out pretty good. Then I had to do some more colors. [caption id="attachment_184" align="alignleft" width="429" caption="Colorful TIki Candy"][/caption]                             She had some air bubbles in them but they came out pretty good.  She...

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Mahalo Tiki is on FACEBOOK!

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Don't forget to come to our brand new Facebook page! We even installed a shop in our page so that you can buy mugs directly from our Mahalo TIki Facebook page. [caption id="attachment_176" align="aligncenter" width="849" caption="The Mahalo Tiki Facebook Page"][/caption] So click here to be take to our  FACEBOOK PAGE!  

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It is Official.... Mahalo Tiki will be at Tiki Oasis 2012 in San Diego!

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After a lot of hopeful anticipation we finally got confirmation that we will have a indoor booth at TIKI OASIS 2012! Me and wife are so excited to meet more new friends and can't wait to get down to San Diego. Remember if you need anything and want to save on shipping please let us know. We will bring it down to San Diego with us. go with us.       We plan to bring our huge assortment of Tiki Mugs and other Collectibles.

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New Tiki mug by Wendy Cevola

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I have to say Wendy Cevola is one of my favorite Tiki Mug artists.   I have the pleasure of living fairly close by her and I am fortunate to have been able to buy some of her mugs. I own a couple of her BOB Tiki mugs and a few other pieces. I had to post up this new mug she is working on for Tavarua Tiki from the Tiki Central board. This mug is going to look absolutely fantastic. You can follow the progress of Wendy making this and all of her fine pieces of art on Tiki Central....

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