Shrunken Zombie Head – Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar – 1st Edition - Disneyland

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Most folks want their business to grow, not shrink… but not Trader Sam. Sam has been navigating the waters of Walt Disney’s famous Jungle Cruise attraction for years and his offer of “two heads for one of yours” still stands. This tiki mug, a depiction of one of Sam’s shrunken heads, is the perfect vessel for one of the cocktail world’s strongest drinks- the Zombie. Originally crafted by Don the Beachcomber, the Zombie’s potency was said to turn patrons into “the walking dead.” For this reason, the Zombie is typically limited to two drinks per person. This iteration of the classic zombie (or “shrunken head”, as the case may be) features a raised eyebrow and stitching over the eyelids and mouth.

Color: Blue with black accents

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Short

Dimensions: 4½” Wide x 4¾” Tall

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