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COMING SOON! Brand NEW " Shrunken Shriner " Tiki Mug by Mahalo Tiki

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To all our Tiki Fans....   We have been working with John Mulder to create a very awesome Tiki mug for you.  We call this bad boy the " Shrunken Shriner " tiki mug. John did a wonderful job of taking our concept and turning it into reality.  The colors and the details are absolutely fantastic.  Now this mug will be done in a brown glaze and then a green glaze.   I am calling one brown leather and the other rotting green. [caption id="attachment_313" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Here is the final glaze on the " Shrunken Shriner " head tiki mug by...

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Exotica - A Musical Perspective on Tiki by Darin Mecher

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Exotica - A Musical Perspective on Tiki Polynesian Pop, Punk and Phonographs By Darin Mecher      Every culture and lifestyle has music surrounding it.  It is just a human fact that music is joined to everything we do and aspire to.  Just like with any culture, Tiki culture has its own music and its own sound. There are many crossovers and some people in Tiki culture might not listen to specifically Tiki music, but there are some albums and some bands that just need to be mentioned for one to have a fuller experience and knowledge of what it means...

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Hang Ten - Buying into Tiki Culture by Darin Mecher

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Hang Ten - Buying into Tiki Culture Ten Bucks / Twenty Bucks / Don’t Break the Bank!   By Darin Mecher [caption id="attachment_296" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Tiki Room by Darin Mecher[/caption] Whenever I show a friend my Tiki Room, the conversation always leans toward some version of “how did you afford all this stuff?”  Now, I don’t show the Tiki Room off to impress anyone with my stuff, I show it off to show them what Tiki is all about to me.  I usually laugh and tell them that it is actually a very affordable hobby and that it is a...

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Let's Welcome Darin Mecher... Our first Associate Blogger and writer for Mahalo Tiki

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When the Glass Globe Light Came On My Personal Discovery of Tiki By Darin Mecher      I have been a bona fide card carrying member of the retro lifestyle for as long as I can remember.  I came to it from the rockabilly music scene and branched out from there to include beautiful old cars, beautiful rat rods, beautiful pin ups, and of course, beautiful art.  My interest in artwork from the golden era of swank, or what I like to call the “mythological swanky life” came not only from my interest in tattoos, but from my boredom with today’s...

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A couple more days until TIKI OASIS 2012!

Aloha Hawaiian party Hawaiian Tiki Hawaiian Tiki Mug Mahalo tiki Tiki bar Tiki Bowl Tiki Oasis Tiki Places

So CLOSE to the time we pack up and make the drive down to San Diego for TIKI Oasis. My truck is just not big enough to take all our stuff but we will cram it in any open spot. Make sure to stop by and see the Mahalo TIki booth.  We will be in the indoor venue. We will be setup up on Friday for the special preview time.

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