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This is just a reminder that we carry the full line of Tiki Farm mugs in our store. [caption id="attachment_253" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Tiki farm mugs by Mahalo tiki We carry a full selection of Tiki Farm Mugs here at Mahalotiki.com[/caption] Here is the list of some of the Tiki Farm Mugs we currently have in stock:
  • Drum of the Forefathers Tiki Mug
  • ZuguZugu Tiki Mug
  • TikiTini Green and Brown Martini Glass
  • Happy Cannibal Blue Tiki Mug
  • Omni Hut 50th Anniversary Tiki Mug
  • Karo Batak Tiki Mug
  • Oi’ Pona Tiki Mug
  • Partiki Tiki Mug
  • Book of Tiki Mug
  • Rum Belly Tiki Mug
  • Local Boy Tiki Mug
  • Moai Kava Kava Tiki Mug
  • Maury, Merv, and Mort Tiki Mug
  • ZuguZugu Tiki Shot Mug
  • Tini Goddess Tiki Shot Mug
  • Armada Geddon Tiki Bowl
Please check out our store and let us know if there is anything you may need. We also carry other brands of Tiki Mugs in our Mahalotiki.com store.  

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