Mahalo Tiki — Tiki mugs

Tiki Highway at Don the Beachcombers.

Don The Beachcomber Hawaii shirt Hawaiian Tiki Mug polynesian pop rat rod Tiki Bowl Tiki Event Tiki Farm Tiki Highway Tiki Mug Tiki mugs Tiki Places Tiki Statue

Here is our next event after Tiki Oasis! Make sure to mark the Tiki Highway Car show on  your calendar.   Sure to be a great time.   We will be bringing our load of Tiki to this event.

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Tiki Oasis or Bust!!

Hawaiian party Hawaiian Tiki Hawaiian Tiki Mug Tiki Event Tiki Farm Tiki mugs Tiki Oasis Tiki Places Tiki Statue

Alright folks....   It is Tiki Oasis time!!! Make sure to come by our booth in the indoor area.  We are bringing all sorts of cool and interesting TIKI.

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Tiki Farm Tiki Mugs in the store

Hawaiian party Hawaiian Tiki Hawaiian Tiki Mug Mahalo tiki Tiki bar Tiki Bowl Tiki Farm Tiki Mugs

This is just a reminder that we carry the full line of Tiki Farm mugs in our store. [caption id="attachment_253" align="aligncenter" width="640"] We carry a full selection of Tiki Farm Mugs here at[/caption] Here is the list of some of the Tiki Farm Mugs we currently have in stock: Drum of the Forefathers Tiki Mug ZuguZugu Tiki Mug TikiTini Green and Brown Martini Glass Happy Cannibal Blue Tiki Mug Omni Hut 50th Anniversary Tiki Mug Karo Batak Tiki Mug Oi’ Pona Tiki Mug Partiki Tiki Mug Book of Tiki Mug Rum Belly Tiki Mug Local Boy Tiki Mug Moai...

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Shark Week 25th Anniversary Collectible Tiki Mug

Hawaiian Tiki Mug Luau munktiki polynesian pop tiki Tiki bar Tiki Event Tiki Farm Tiki Mug Tiki Mugs

Check this new tiki mug coming out! [caption id="attachment_238" align="aligncenter" width="705"] Shark Week 25th Anniversary Collectible Tiki Mug[/caption] 25 years of shark week? JAWSOME! You've loved shark week for years. Talked about it, shared stories, it's a motivating week of television to say the least. So, keep the memories fresh with this cool Tiki-style Go to the SHARK WEEK link and buy one!  

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New Maori Warrior Scorpion Bowl by Gecko'z South Seas Arts

Gecko'z Hawaiian Tiki Mug Mahalo Maori Scorpion Bowl Maori Tiki Statue Maori Warrior Scorpion Bowl South Seas Arts Tiki Mugs Tiki Statue

Gecko sent me a pic of a new item he just finished.  It is a bit out of my price range but I told Gecko I would help him promote this bad boy bowl. It is a Maori Warrior Scorpion Bowl.   It is designed to quench the thirst of a few people. This bowl measures a impressive L 9 W 9 H 16 inches and weighs 6.5 lbs by itself. It is a wonderful piece of Tiki art! If you are interested in purchasing this bowl please email me at  

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