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BAHNE 40” Sunset Tiki Longboard Skateboard now in store

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Mahalo Tiki is adding some great skatedecks to our lineup. This is the BAHNE 40” Sunset Tiki Longboard Skateboard. [caption id="attachment_417" align="aligncenter" width="546"] BAHNE 40” Sunset Tiki Longboard Skateboard[/caption] 40" “Pro Quality” pintail Longboard with 7 ply all hardwood maple deck, rugged aluminum trucks & durable 60mm PU wheels to go the distance. The legendary Bahne team does it again with this affordable masterpiece. This is a great board for styling around town or along the boardwalk with a classic Tiki Graphic that will be catching attention and keeping all eyes on you. This is the perfect board for any adventure...

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