Brand New Body Glove 40” SEA CREATURE Pintail Longboard Skateboard with art by Brad " Tiki Shark " Parker

body glove Body Glove 60th Anniversary Brad " Tiki shark " Parker brad parker longboard sea creature skateboard skatedeck tiki Tiki LIfestyle Tiki Shark

Body Glove 40” CREATURE Pintail Longboard Skateboard [caption id="attachment_414" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Body Glove 40” CREATURE Pintail Longboard Skateboard Body Glove 40” CREATURE Pintail Longboard Skateboard[/caption]

Body Glove 40” CREATURE Pintail Longboard Skateboard

40" Classic Performance Longboard that only a great board sports company like Body Glove can deliver. The Creature goes the distance with 7 ply all hardwood cold climate maple deck, rugged aluminum trucks & durable 70mm PU wheels and a head turning Graphic by famous Hawaiian artist Brad Parker. For in Town, the Campus, the Boardwalk, or to get you to your favorite Surf Break, you will travel in dependable style and show the world; you are doing things your way. This board is a reliable, affordable, all around board that can give you the performance edge that only 60 years of experience can give a company like Body Glove. The Art on this board will get you noticed as you smooth through your turns and easily glide into your next adventure. The Creature needs to be ridden or he gets restless so only hook up with this board if you are serious about living and skating on your own terms. Go to the distance with a strong, durable, high quality but affordable performance Longboard!
  • 7 Ply  Cold Climate All Hardwood Maple Deck
  • Durable 70x51mm  80A PU Wheels
  • Rugged & Lightweight  7” Aluminum Trucks
  • Smooth Riding & Responsive Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • Precision ABEC 5 Bearings and Hollow 4mm Risers
  • Wheel Wells to Prevent “Wheel Bite” for Smooth Turns
  • A One of a Kind Graphic from a World Renown Artist

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